The Bradford Family Saga Part 9

"You guys just look for an excuse to
point one of those things at us. Besides," she laughed, "this is a family
reunion, and what would that be without a video of it."

"Yeah!" Mary agreed. "I think it would be kinda neat; one big happy group grope.
I'm game!"

A sweat bead dribbled into her eye and Carol shook her head, bringing her back
to the present. John's prodding cock was pounding urgently in her hot cunt,
egged on by Mary's long wet tongue licking his damp balls and the base of his
fat, protruding prick. He was cupping her tits, his fingers playing with her
hard nipples. The slippery tongue slid up over his cock and attacked her exposed
butt, making her jerk and shutter.

"Oh, yes, yes!" she moaned, tossing from side to side; stray ends of blonde hair
matting against her damp forehead.

"Suck me, Mary! Oh, honey, it feels so good. I'm so gooey ... want it so bad."
Grimacing, she grabbed her knees and pulled her legs up, exposing her
fuzz-covered, pink asshole, forcing John's cock deeper into her aroused pussy.
Mary's eager tongue immediately swirled around the tight, puckered opening,
darting into it, sending Carol into a state of dizzy euphoria.

"Fuck me, Johnny!" she screamed. "Oooooh! Yes! Eat my dirty asshole!"

Marsha grabbed Peter's arm, pulling him off balance and making the video camera
jiggled up and down. Her breathing was ragged in his ears and her eyes were
bright with excite- ment as she pushed him and the camera closer to her Aunt's
wiggling tongue. Her robe was open and he could see the hot flush of passion on
her naked body. His cock twitched.

Marsha's eyes glowed as she watched her father fuck his sister from behind, the
long, pleasure-giving prick that had so thrilled her, now, deeply embedded in
Mary's squishing pussy. It glistened with her secretions. His strokes were long
and powerful; each one pushing his grunting sister closer and closer to her
husband's cunt-gripped cock, until her face was mashed against his swaying,
sweaty, ballsac. The mixed aroma of cunt and cock had set her hungry tongue in

Mesmerized, Marsha watched as the panting brothers gave their sisters the full
measure of their love; a love that was real and tangible! She saw her mother's
eyes cloud over and roll back as the pleasure of her John's cock and Mary's
tongue flowed through her body. She was cumming and so was Uncle John, and so
was her father and Aunt! Trembling, her enflamed body bowed as she stuck a
second finger all the way up her hot, dripping cunt, wiggling it around, trying
to fill the demanding needs of screaming flesh. Marsha fell to her hands and
knees, her face inches away from her mother's squirming cunt.

"Fuck me, somebody, oh, fuck me!" she pleaded.


From far away, Carol heard her daughter's plea for pleasure, the plaintive words
reaching her strong maternal instincts. Her mind, slowly coming down from the
fantastic sexual high her brother and sister-in-law's vigorous fucking and
sucking had given her, cleared and she reacted immediately. She pushed herself
off of John's deflating prick, heedless of the trickling cum-juice that ran,
hotly, down her thigh. Her husband and sister-in-law lay prone, one on top of
the other, panting heavily, their bodies still in sexual aftershock; their
combined climaxes slowly receding. Nimbly, she stepped over them and, kneeling,
embraced her daughter's shaking body.

"Put that fucking camera down, Peter, and get over here. Now!" Carol snapped,
angrily. "Your sister needs you!"

Caught up in voyeuristic pleasure, his cock bone hard, Peter suddenly came to
life. He quickly put the camera on a chair, pointing it at his naked mother and

"Baby!" he cooed lovingly as he knelt in front of Marsha, his thick cock
standing stiffly at attention, his heavy balls dangling lewdly below the massive
shaft. Gently, his hands stoked her face and explored the hot, rounded globes of
her big, firm tits. The heady aroma of his prick woke Marsha from a dull stupor.
She took one look at Peter's oozing prick and she went down on her knees in
front of him, swallowing his cock to the balls, burying her nose in his thick,
jungle-like thatch. The salty cock was red-hot and harder than steel. It filled
her mouth and stretched her lips wide. She would have sighed if she could. As
she started to suck, she felt his balls swell and lift up in their sac. Peter
moaned and wrapped his hands around her head.

"Yeah, baby, yeah! Suck that hard thing!" Peter said, and humped into Marsha's
sucking mouth, rubbing the ridged underside of his prick against her tongue. His
eyes rolled with pleasure and the muscles of his body began to tremble.

"She sure loves prick!" John said, hungrily eying his cocksucking niece, his
hand working the foreskin of his prick back and forth. He had the beginnings of
another hard erection. Mary lightly kissed his ballsac.

"Your turn will come, darling." she said softly, her own body starting to get
itchy fuck sensations. "That beautiful pussy is going to need lots of loving."

Mike stared hotly at his beautiful daughter, his mouth dry and cottony.
Casually, unthinking, his fingernails trailed over his sister's curves,
lingering on her tits and the gentle swell of her belly. The flesh was hot and
his cock started to grow again.

Marsha twirled her tongue around the underside of Peter's cock as he slipped in
and out of her mouth. She could taste the salty pre-cum as it seeped out of his
pisshole and rolled down her throat. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation
of having a sweaty, rock-hard cock stuff her willing mouth. Tingling sensations
passed through her hot body and settled excitedly in her cunt making the puffy
lips contract. Sizzling pussycream oozed out of her slit.

Her own loins beginning to simmer, Carol, lovingly, caressed Marsha's form,
running her hands up and down the warm flesh, gently coaxing the awakened body
to newer heights of passion. She ran her sticky finger between the cleft of
Marsha's asscheeks, down into the tangled mesh of hair covering the grasping
cunt. Slowly, her bright eyes glowing, she stuck her middle finger in the juicy
hole, twisting it as it sank into the gushing depths. It was like entering a
roaring furnace! Marsha squirmed, pushing her ass back against Carol's thrusting
finger, the muscles of her body undulating under her smooth skin. Without
warning, Carol rammed a second finger up her gaping cunt and started to jerk her
off. A blinding flash of color erupted behind her closed eyes. She gasped and
swallowed Peter's throbbing cock all the way to the very base.

"Hot!" John gasped. "Look at her hungry pussy sucking those fingers up!" He was
gripping Mike's forearm, his fingers digging deep into the flesh. "Look how's
she creaming!" he choked. Mary had his prick in her hand and was squeezing it.
The pain was exquisite!

Mike stared, stupidly, at the dribbling pussycream on Marsha's thighs. Dumbly,
he licked his lips and nodded his head slowly. "A real juicy bitch!" he said,
almost to himself. Then he winced as Mary squeezed his cock, too.

"I've never eaten one juicier," Carol said looking over her shoulder, her voice
passionate and full of pride.

"Christ!" John groaned. "Let me at that!"

He crawled on his hands and knees around behind Marsha, his hand jerking his
prick up and down. Crouching low, he shoved his head between her thighs, his
searching tongue licking up the juice that ran down her inner thighs.

"Nectar of the Gods!" he proclaimed.

As Marsha sucked Peter's cock, she turned her ass up, wiggling it in her uncle's
face. John plunged his nose between her asscheeks, his hot tongue lapping at her
pussy and Carol's sticky, fucking fingers. John licked up Marsha's asscrack and
shoved his tongue into her almost virgin asshole, rimming her, tongue-fucking
the brown, puckered hole.

"Shit, this is hot!" Mary panted, watching Peter and John fuck two of her
niece's love holes. She gasped as Peter rammed his massive cock faster and
faster in Marsha's mouth.

"What a girl!" She said enviously, her voice husky with renewed passion. Her
body shaking with excitement she sucked Mike's cock into her mouth, feeling the
long, slender prick slide deep. Consciously, she relaxed her throat muscles and
the fat knob of his prick entered her throat. She had swallowed her brother's
cock whole!

Mike jumped as Mary's hot lips encircled his engorged prick, her swishing tongue
washing the pre-cum from his shaft. Grabbing bunches of her wild hair in his
hands, he buried her face in his crotch, gasping as his cock slid into the
seemingly bottomless depths of her throat.

"Mmmmmmmm, yeahhhh, baby, suck it!" His voice was strangled, almost a rasp as
the heat of her mouth engulfed his brain. But he never took his burning eyes off
Marsha and the erotic scene in front of him.

Marsha groaned, and sucked vigorously on Peter's squirming cock, her tongue
swishing nonstop at the sensitive underside of his prick. Her uncle's tongue in
her asshole and her mother's fingers in her cunt made her squirm and twitch,
making her body blaze even hotter, making her mouth suck the throbbing fuckpole
harder. Wantonly, she gazed at Peter. He looked as if he was going to pass out
with pleasure. She felt his cock begin to pulse and quiver in her mouth.

"Marsha! I'm cummin' ... I'm cummin' ... eat my cum, baby ... eat it!" he wailed
and rammed his cock to the hilt in Marsha's mouth. His body shuddered, his cock
flexed and a steaming, hot stream of thick cum splashed against the back of her
throat. He rammed his cock in her mouth again and again and again. Marsha gulped
and swallowed rapidly, the hot, slimy globs of rich cum sliding down her throat.
They were salty and sweet tasting and she delighted at each throb and spurt of
his hot prick.

Overcome with lusty passion, Carol grabbed Peter's erupting cock and pulled it
from her daughter's sucking mouth. Hot cum splashed over her face and dribbled
down her cheek. Wildly, her tongue licked at the streaking jism as she rubbed
his sticky cock over her face, smearing his cum, making her skin shine. She
sucked Peter's throbbing cockhead into her moist mouth, cleaning the sticky
crown with her swirling tongue. Together, she and her daughter, searched out
every stray droplet of Peter's precious love juice, their tongues bathing the
tacky gobs with saliva, savoring the taste of his last few love drops.

Peter's cock was squeaky clean when he finally pulled his sore prick away from
them and staggered to the couch and collapsed on it. John slipped his tongue out
of Marsha's asshole and hunkered down behind her, his hands kneading the smooth,
round globes of her heart-shaped ass.

"I have to fuck your hot ass, babe. I have to!" he groaned in her ear.

Marsha shivered delightfully. "Mmmmmmm, oh, Uncle John, yes! Fuck my ass! Stick
your cock in!" she said huskily, her mind and body still unsated.

Carol rubbed her hands over her tits and stomach, anointing her body with
Peter's cum-juice, as she watched Marsha drop forward unto her hands and knees
and turn up her saliva-soaked asshole so John would have a better angle of
penetration. Her eyes widened as her brother's thick cock pressed against the
twitching pucker-hole, forcing it wide. Marsha gasped loudly, dug her fingers
into the heavy carpet pile and tossed her head around wildly. Slowly, her
asshole opened and her uncle's fat, slug-like cock sank into her grasping

"Ughhhhhhh!" she cried, gritting her teeth; her body weathering the first
flashes of pain. She felt her mother's comforting arms around her.

"Ahhhhhh!" John groaned. "What a fuckin' hot hole! I've never fucked such a hot
asshole before, and so tight! She's even tighter than you were, sis."

"My brother!" Carol said softly to her panting daughter, "All class and
compliments. Are you okay, honey? Johnny has a really thick cock."

Marsha nodded slowly between pants, a small smile on her lips. "Just feel ... so
weak ... stuffed," she said softly.

"The best is yet to come, baby."

As John humped his niece's shapely ass, moaning deliriously with each stroke of
his cock, Carol sat in front of Marsha, her oozing pussy inches away from her
daughter's gaping mouth.

"Suck my pussy slow and easy, honey," Carol ordered, "then stick your finger up
your cunt! You're gonna feel like you've died and went to heaven!"

Dreamily, Marsha stuck the middle finger of her right hand up her cunt, slowing
finger-fucking herself as she ass- fucked her uncle's cock. Her mother's fingers
pulled the lips of her cunt apart, revealing her hot clit and the pink lined
walls of her glistening pussy. Like a squirming snake, her tongue explored her
mother's hot, blonde-fur covered snatch.

Sighing, Carol threw her head back and gave up her body to the wonderful
feelings of Marsha's tongue. "Ooooooo," she cooed, "you're a wonderful
cunt-licker, honey!"

"I had a good teacher," Marsha mumbled, her voice muffled by Carol's pussyhairs;
her squirming index finger deep in the sweet tasting pussy. She ran her fingers
in and out; first one, then the other. Well juiced, she slid her forefinger back
into Carol's hot, dripping cunt then shoved her index finger far up her mother's
pretty asshole.

Carol screamed and her body snapped taut as Marsha's wild fingers twisted
roughly through her fuck holes making her shake and shiver with delicious
mind-searing sensations.

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The Bradford Family Saga Part 9